Thursday, February 17, 2011

Boy Bands

In an upcoming book I want to write this summer called Summer of Second Chances, a sequel to a book I wrote last summer called Summer of Firsts, I plan to incorporate a bunch of boy band references and one-liners from various boy band songs. I'm already giggling, thinking about it.

Why boy bands, you may ask?

Well, in Summer of Firsts, a character named Adam mentions that he has a secret childhood dream of being in a boy band. He tells this to my main character Grace in confidence.

In Summer of Second Chances, Adam's dream will come true in a way because I've decided to put in a boy band contest that he wants to participate in. He drags his two guy friends into the contest. He also wants to win the girl he let go the previous summer--Grace--by singing and dancing cheesy songs for her.

I thought it would be fun to incorporate lyrics into each chapter title. For example, Chapter 1 is "Oh My God, We're Back Again." (If you know which boy band and song it's from, give yourself a cookie.) Another chapter will be called "Baby When the Lights Go Out" but I have no idea what will happen in this chapter yet. Most likely, interesting things will happen in the dark ;)

So far, it's fun to research boy bands from the past, watching music videos on youtube, and looking up lyrics. The hair, the clothes, the facial expressions, the words. Sigh. Oh, days of yore where boy bands used to rule.

Which boy band was my favorite back in the day?

BSB? 'N Sync? 98 Degrees?

It's actually Westlife, a European boy band. I have a bunch of their CDs, and they've been uploaded to my i-tunes!

By the way, once I finish writing Summer of Second Chances, if readers can recognize every boy band reference in the book, then I think they need to get their heads checked.


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