Monday, February 21, 2011

Dash, Trip, and Kneel

In Summer of Firsts, two of my boy characters are named Tripp and Neil. When I came up with their names, I didn't realize until later that they sound like verbs. Tripp = trip, Neil = kneel. (I came up with Tripp because he's the "third" of the group of guys. And Neil because it sounds like a smart name.)

For Summer of Second Chances, there's a new guy. Grace's boyfriend. I wanted him to have a verb name, too. There are a bunch of possibilities online. Chuck, Bob, Ryder, Jimmy, Jack, Drew, Skip, Chip, Nick, Pierce, etc. I'm going with a suggestion from Michelle, my current, only follower.

The boyfriend's name is Dash.

Dash, as in run-as-fast-as-you-can Dash. Not, you're-a-dashing-prince Dash. (My Dash is a smart, shy, and very adorkable. Now that sounds a lot like Grace who's also smart, shy, and adorkable. And they both have a blushing thing going on.)

Imagine it. Dash, Tripp, and Neil.

Can you see it? A person dashes across the floor, trips over a shoe, and after he lands on his butt, he kneels as he gets up.

Bam! That's an action scene there!


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