Monday, March 7, 2011

Fairy Tale Dystopia

Wait. Stop. Hold on. Did that oxymoron come out of my mouth? How is it possible to have a fairy tale dystopia when fairy tales are seen as traditional while dystopia is seen as futuristic?

People, it's possible.

How? Because I'm working on it right now. I don't want to give much away, but it's a "Beauty and the Beast" - esque retelling in a twisted way. I'm very excited about this project, building up this world. I've been writing and revising the outline of the book and the rules of this dystopian world. Once I have everything sorted out, I can finally start writing the book!


Anne said...

Ooo! Can't wait to read this! :D Will it be on inkpop? :/

Chen Yan Chang said...

I don't know yet. Maybe the first few chapters when I write them :)

The Beaver said...

No sneak peeks, spoilers, fun facts? :/ Darnit.

Chen Yan Chang said...

The main character name is Arabella and the love interest is Leo. If you look up the meanings of the names, you'll see that they're perfect and perfect for each other :D

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