Monday, March 14, 2011

Funny Dystopian Novel?

Does that sound weird? For my fairy tale dystopia, I'm envisioning beautiful words, gritty descriptions, and action/violence. Right now, the beginning is coming out humorous in a way. (If you've read Summer Friends, Summer of Firsts, or Spark, you can see some of my humor.) I don't know if I should continue writing it humorous. The latter parts of the book are not so funny, not with the violence and whatnot. Maybe I should just give it a go and see what happens.

Here is my rough draft of my 20th attempt at the beginning of my still unnamed fairy tale dystopian novel:

If this were a true fairy tale, I would live up to my beautiful name, smell roses in bloom all day long within the comfort of a magical palace, and have my princely and handsome beast at my side, after the transformation of course. Instead, I had mud up to my knees, mud tangled in my hair, and mud smeared across my face. There were no roses in this part of town, not when the animals would munch on the delicate petals like trampled on grass and hay, regardless of the thorns. The only beast in my sight was the cow that wouldn’t stop blowing hot air in my face.
“Move, Betsy,” I cooed.
She mooed.
My mud-encrusted fingers dug into her side, trying to make her leave the mud pit. Muddy fingerprints were left on the white sections of her body. Despite my attempt, the stubborn cow only turned her head and snorted. I felt another blast of cow breath against my cheeks. Wrinkling my nose, I groaned and waved the smell away from my face. She mooed as though laughing.
Betsy had been a thorn in my side since I arrived on the ranch on my twelfth birthday for my princess-in-training assignment. She never did what I wanted: eat grass on this particular section of the field, stay away from that stud of a bull, and don’t come into the mud pit when you’re pregnant. It would be her own damn fault if her unborn baby turned out to be a stud like its father. 


Anne said...

Hahaha. I love this beginning. I say to keep the humor :D

Chen Yan Chang said...

Aw, thanks! I posted more of the excerpt on Inkpop :)

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