Tuesday, March 29, 2011

It's a Pretty Awesome Hug

I don't know if I will fit this sappy little scene into Summer of Second Chances or not, but the idea came to me last night when I was trying to sleep, and I thought it was cute. The bromance between Tripp and Neil can't be denied!

Neil:  "Why the sad face?"
Tripp:  "Because you'll be at Princeton, buddy-buddy with your new best friend
           Dash while I'll be at Penn State, stuck with these guys."
Everyone:  "Hey!"
Neil:  "You know you'll always be my best friend."
Tripp:  "Really?"
Neil:  "Want to hug it out?"
Tripp:  "Yes." (Either he's excited or he's sniffling...)


Jenny:  "Guys, get a room."
Tripp:  "Hey, no room can contain this hug."
Neil:  "It's a pretty awesome hug."


Anne said...

Lol. That was funny. Such a Neil and Tripp moment :P

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