Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Writerly Stuff

With all this talk of Summer of Second Chances and boy bands, I've neglected to mention the other writerly stuff going on in my life.

(Sorry, long post.)

Well, right now I'm querying my YA paranormal Spark (A Fire Girl Novel):

Half-human/half-witch Felicity Brant is on her way to Pennsylvania after her school burns down. Her father, one of the four most powerful witches in the world, is accused of starting the fire which killed hundreds of witches, but no one will ever know the truth because he died in the fire—or so everyone thinks. Felicity believes he’s still alive because like a crown or a title being passed down, she should’ve inherited his fire magic by now and taken over his position. Yet, she doesn’t feel a spark in her body.

At her new school where the witches are wary of Felicity because of her father’s infamy, things aren’t getting better. Alex Varick is assigned as her bodyguard, but he is devastated over his girlfriend’s death in the fire. A trio of mean girls is messing with her. Chase Fairfax, an ex-boyfriend of a mean girl, seems interested in her. A few attempts are made on her life. And mysterious threats are showing up, blaming her for the fire, but they must be wrong. So why can’t she remember what happened before she blacked out in the fire? Felicity needs to figure out who’s behind the attempts and the threats before she ends up dead and ashed.

I'm very tempted to query a few more agents my YA chick lit Summer of Firsts:

Grace Washington is buddies with Mr. Darcy, Dracula, Hester Prynne, Mr. Hyde, and Ishmael. Too bad they’re made of words, paper, and a girl’s imagination.

Grace doesn’t have much of a social life, and she’s comfortable with that. Honestly. Reading books is as satisfying as experiencing life or love, but her only human friend, Jenny, puts a stop to that by taking her along for a beach trip and introducing her to guys. At the beach, Grace gets to experience everything outside of books from a first date that consists of ice cream cones and teenage stalkers to a first Nancy Drew moment in the backseat of a car, but then she falls for the wrong guy and gets her first heartbreak. With a book, she can always flip to the back to see the happy ending, but real life isn’t as simple as her paper world. 

While querying, I'm also working on a new project, creating my dystopian plot that I'm very excited about! Still in outline form though. Now if only boy bands and Summer of Second Chances would stop distracting me :P. SoSC is supposed to be my summer project. A summer book with "summer" in the title should be written in the summer!


Anne said...

Good luck querying! Save me a signed copy of all your amazing books :P

The Beaver said...

^ I second that.
Especially SoF. I must have Grace's story FIRST.

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