Friday, April 22, 2011


Since I have a bromance in Summer of Second Chances between Tripp and Neil, I'm thinking about other bromances I love on TV.

Shawn and Cory (Boy Meets World)

I love this show growing up (especially when it's set in my hometown Philly). The friendship between Shawn Hunter and Cory Matthews is really amazing, especially when Shawn is obviously the more popular guy in school while Cory has a brillo pad for hair. They've been through hilarious hijinks (remember when they dressed up as women?) and heartwarming moments (remember when Shawn got drunk b/c of his father's death?).

Joey and Chandler (Friends)

I love Friends and its hilariousness of the characters. My favorite "friend" is Chandler Bing, and his friendship with Joey Tribbiani is the best. They started out as roommates and became much more as the show progressed. My favorite part? They always hug it out. There was even a montage of several of their hugs in the show.

Ryan and Esposito (Castle)

One of my current favorite shows is Castle which is about a mystery writer Richard Castle shadowing a female detective Kate Beckett as research for his book. Castle and Beckett have amazing chemistry, but there is another pair of characters in the show who also has fun chemistry--the friendship between the supporting characters Kevin Ryan and Javier Esposito. These two are hilarious whenever they are on screen. One time, they were discussing their favorite Jonas brother!

So, guys, what are some of your favorite bromances in TV, movies, books...?


Anne said...

Oh man, I loved Boy Meets World, but Joey and Chandler's bromance is my favorite.

Michelle said...

omg, Shawn and Cory. <3

The Beaver said...

Chen, I love you.

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