Monday, April 18, 2011

I Am Sore, Hear Me Roar

Yesterday, I went paintballing with my friends--my first time. It was fun, shooting paintballs in the wooded area, hiding behind trees, boulders, and various building structures, and taking people out with the splat of paint. Yes, I got hit as well in several of the games. (I can say in a couple of the games, I didn't get hit and stayed in till the end when my team won.) The hits stung, but the pain passed.

Where were the hits? A couple of times on my hair, my hand, my goggle mask, my gun, my chest, my neck, and my back--near my armpit. The last two were a second apart but neither of the balls broke so I stayed in that game. Luckily, a bruise formed on my back and not on my neck because I don't want people thinking I got a hickey or something!

This morning? My legs are sore from all the running, kneeling, and whatnot. My right arm is sore from shooting and carrying the paintball gun. And the bruise on my back is the size of a paintball.

Despite the soreness, it was such a fun experience that I want to do again! Now, if I want to, I can have some of my characters in my book go paintballing.

This is the back of my right shoulder.


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