Friday, April 15, 2011

Writing Epiphany

When I started working on Spark (A Fire Girl Novel) last year, I thought that book would be the first of a planned series. Felicity Brant, the Fire Girl, would be my main character of the first trilogy. (I have ambitious plans of having a trilogy of each element. Fire Girl, Water Girl, Earth Girl, and Air Girl. In that order. Each trilogy would have a different main character. Yes, ambitious.)

Yesterday, it dawned on me that the Fire Girl trilogy should not be first. Why? Because readers aren't eased into this world. They are thrust into it when the opening page starts in the middle of a fire scene with Felicity. She knows this magical world, she knows who she's supposed to be...she just knows it.

Readers need to be eased into this world through a different character, a character who's also easing into this world. The Air Girl. Audrey Delaire. She's a girl who's been raised as a human so she doesn't know about this magical world yet. So if I start with her trilogy, readers would go along with her as she discovers who she is, the powers she has, and the powerful family she's never known. She gets pulled into this non-human world when cousins she's never known are killed off one by one until she becomes the next in line to inherit the powerful air magic from her aunt Amelia Delaire--the Air Controller.


Anne said...

You said you'll have a different main character for each trilogy, but are some of the characters from one trilogy going to appear in the other trilogies?

Chen Yan Chang said...

Yeah, they do show up in each other's trilogies.

Anne said...

Oh, I see. Can't wait to read the trilogies!

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