Monday, May 2, 2011

Summer Friends: Before and After

It's amazing that I first finished writing Summer Friends back in 2009. A lot of time have passed but it's good because I have put distance between me and that book (especially after it got a gold star on Inkpop). A couple of days ago, I started rewriting the beginning of the book, and it became so much better! I think it's going to be fun rewriting this story about Sam and Mandy and their many adventures together as they grow up :). I'm still debating whether to take out the Mandy's sister and Sam's dad situation. Maybe it should be Mandy's mom and Sam's dad.

(I know, I know.  I'm already working on Summer of Second Chances and the Untitled Fairy Tale Dystopia. I'm adding a third book into the mix even though it's going to be a rewrite.)

Here are the beginnings of Summer Friends before and after:

Summer Friends (2009):

1st Summer (Age 7)
I hate you…
I hate you…                                        

An apple pie sat in the center of the table, simply waiting to be eaten. 
Mandy Joseph’s mouth began to water, waiting.  A swirl of cinnamon danced in front of her face.  She could already taste Sweet Nancy’s yummy apple pie in her mouth, warm and sweet. 
“Hello, Mandy.”  

Summer Friends (2011):

1st Summer (Age 6)
A Yummy Apple Pie

The best apple pie in the world was sitting right in front of her, and it had her name on it, or rather, her initials…if she squinted a little and pretended that the strips in the lattice crust formed the letters M and J. Her mouth began to water. A swirl of cinnamon danced in front of her face as she breathed in. She could already taste Sweet Nancy’s yummy apple pie in her mouth.
Warm and sweet. 
It was simply waiting to be eaten, but Mandy Joseph kept her hands under the table. If they were above it, there was no telling what she might do. She giggled. Okay, she knew what she would do. She would jump onto the table in her green sneakers that probably had a couple of squished ants on the bottom and dig her hands into the pie like a little monster.
 “Hello, Mandy.”  


Jenna said...

I miss it so much on inkpop. Everyone once in a while, I'll be like, "I want to read Summer Friends", but then I get sad because it's not on there anymore.

Chen Yan Chang said...

I'm thinking of posting my rewrite-in-progress on Inkpop. Well, once I reach the 10,000 word mark :)

Maria Donado said...

Agh, please please please post this in Figment. It's absolutely beautiful. I'd be more than willing to pay for a copy of it even <3 I loved this story so much.

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