Friday, June 3, 2011

Single vs Sequel vs Series

So I got this problem. When I write, sometimes it's hard to keep a story in a single book form. I get ambitious and start plotting out possible sequels and/or series.

It's a disease.

Most of the books I've written have possible futures except for the first two books I've ever written. By the way, YOU WILL NEVER SEE MY FIRST BOOK! BOOK OF SUCK--SUCK, SUCK, SUCK. (Not the actual title of the book. It's Jersey's Girls, if you must know.) The second book Lucky Lucy doesn't suck as much but I still want to rewrite that.

Let's see...the others...

Bottled Sunshine, Empty Jars is one of my earlier novels that I would like to rewrite and expand. I have plans for a sequel and two companion novels. (Yes, I'm crazy.)

Summer Friends was supposed to be a single book, but my brain started to plot. Geez, evil brain, do something else. I already have some of the characters make a cameo appearance in another book of mine, Summer of Firsts, but that doesn't really count as a sequel. What does count is my idea for Summer Friends from Sam's point of view. Summer of Sam (A Summer Friends Novel). (I know, I know. The title sounds scary b/c of the link to the murderer.) And another idea is the story of Mandy's parents and Sam's dad when they were teenagers. I purposely created a little background story of them in Summer Friends where the three parents were best friends until Mandy's parents fell in love.

Dark Dreamer (A Cat's Nine Novel) is obviously supposed to be the first of a series. I have a plan for nine books, in fact, which is very ambitious of me. Why nine? Because cats have nine lives, duh.

Summer of Firsts was supposed to be a single book when I came up with the outline because I like my atypical happy ending, but now I'm working on the sequel Summer of Second Chances.

Spark (A Fire Girl Novel) is again part of a series (not the first since I've decided to move it later in the series.) And my plans for this series? Four trilogies. One trilogy for each element (air, fire, water, earth). Someone kill me now.

Untitled Fairy Tale Dystopia...I already have plans for this to be a series.

See my problem, people? My brain won't stop! I think my characters want me to kill me. They'll like, "Why must you torture us? I'm happy with this person/situation so why do you have to cause more problems with us? Haven't we endure enough in the first book? And if you must torture us, bring some hot new love interests in the sequels."

I also try not to work on sequels, always moving on, because I want to work on something new. Of course, you may notice I'm working on a sequel to Summer of Firsts. The reason is that I want to work on something light and fluffy and fun. The last book I completed was a paranormal. And I'm currently working on a dystopia. (The world building takes a lot out of me.) Plus, summer's coming, so I HAVE to write a summer book in summer :)


Claire Merle said...

I thought I had it bad when every time I wrote a short script/story it turned into something feature length. But a series composed of 4 trilogies?! Awesome!!!

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