Friday, June 24, 2011

Summer of Second Chances on Inkpop

So earlier this week on Tuesday, June 21st--the first day of summer--I posted the first 5 chapters of Summer of Second Chances on Inkpop. It's exciting because I can get feedback on what I've written so far. It's exciting for the readers of Summer of Firsts to see what happens next in this cast of characters.

Look at this amazing cover a friend made for me. It's so pretty :)

Today, I checked the book ranking on Inkpop and saw it had 55 picks and rose to #19 in ranking! Only a few days have passed, and readers seem to like my WIP!

I actually don't know what to feel about the ranking. It's awesome and stuff, but what happens if it gets into the Top 5 and somehow into the editor's hands this summer? The first book Summer of Firsts was a Top 5 pick back on September 2010. So do I want the sequel to be in the Top 5? Do I want a HarperCollins editor to read/critique a sequel. (It might not be the same editor who read Summer of Firsts.)

Also, I only have 1/5 of the book written. I wouldn't want to have an incomplete book for an editor to see. My other two books that went into the Top 5 had been completed. Maybe it's good. Maybe I would have a deadline to work towards if Summer of Second Chances gets into the Top 5 of Inkpop and stays there.

Or maybe Summer of Second Chances won't get into the Top 5, and I wouldn't have anything to worry about.

We'll see :)


Ezmirelda said...

That's awesome Chen! Congrats on getting # 19. :)

I don't think you have to worry too much about the book being incomplete. From what I've heard from past top fivers the HC editors usually don't read the whole thing. Did it sound like the HC editor who wrote a review for Summer of Firsts read the whole thing?

By the way, I really love the title of the sequel!

Kailia Sage said...

YOUR CYC????? OMG! That's soooo cool because I LOVE THIS STORY!!!!!!!!

lifestory96 said...

okay... so now that inkpops gone.. i can't read this book and I think i might go insane! because it was so goooooood :(

Q said...

I loved reading Summer of Firsts on inkpop. It truly is one of my favorite stories. Is there anyway I can read it again? I'm not joking when I say I think about that story every now and then. I was also excited when you began to write Summer of Second Chances. I hope you see this!

Chen Yan Chang said...

Hi! Thanks for your comment :). I'm currently rewriting Summer of Firsts! I'm planning to add 3 new chapters to it, one being a date between Grace and Adam :)

After SoF, I can start on Summer of Second Chances. I've decided to scrap what I have and start over, only focusing on Grace. So no Adam POV. The boy band concept will still be in it :D

And there might be a 3rd book... ;)

Someday, I hope these books can be published!

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