Friday, July 22, 2011

No Longer Nameless

So my Untitled Fairy Tale Dystopian Novel is such a mouthful and mostly a placeholder name. I hate working on a novel without a title because it doesn't feel official and it doesn't have the right feel. (The novel is nowhere near done at all, not even a quarter yet!) So today, I was thinking of adjectives that might work for this novel.

I love Melissa Marr's titles that have words that appear to oppose each other but they form a beautiful image when they're together. Wicked Lovely. Fragile Eternity. Radiant Shadows. Darkest Mercy.

I love Lesley Livingston's titles as well. Wondrous Strange. Darklight.

My dystopian novel is a retelling of "Beauty and the Beast," and the words "beauty" and "beast" oppose each other. I want to have adjectives that relate to that title. In the well-known fairy tale, Belle is the beautiful one and the Beast is the ugly one, but in my novel, there's a gray area for both of my characters.

Anyway, I was thinking of adjectives for "beautiful" and "beast." I used the thesaurus. I googled. I couldn't find words I liked of "beautiful." Then I decided I wanted to keep it simple. At first, I thought of the title "Beautiful and Wild," but it looked so plain. And it didn't stick out. But when I took away "and" and added a slash, I fell in love.


It reminds me of the movie Crazy/Beautiful which is a eye-catching title.

Maybe my new title will catch an agent's eye when I'm done writing the book!

Okay, now that I have my title, I should work on Beautiful/Wild!!!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Mandy Hubbard's Contest at Her Site

Mandy Hubbard's RIPPLE is out today! Congrats to her! And it's her first book in hardcover! 

To celebrate, Mandy is holding a contest over at There will be 12 winners! I repeat, 12 winners! 5 on Twitter and 5 on her blog will win critiques (queries or 1st pages). And 1 on Twitter and 1 on her blog will win either RIPPLE or BUT I LOVE HIM! Sounds awesome, right? Even though it would be awesome to win one of her books, I could buy them, but critiques, well, I can't buy critiques! Check out the contest soon because it ends at midnight PST!

Friday, July 8, 2011

An Elevator Pitch Contest Over at YAtopia

Over at, you can give an elevator pitch to Bree Ogden from Martin Literary Management! It's a chance for an agent to see your work if your elevator pitch catches her attention :)

What's an elevator pitch? Well, you'll just have to check out the interview YAtopia did with Bree Ogden here:

Here's Bree's photo in case you want to see a visual :P

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Summer of Second Chances in the Top 5

So yeah, Summer of Second Chances is in the Top 5 on Inkpop. If we go into the specifics, it's number 3 which is still unbelievable! I never expected this sequel to go far in the rankings. I have the best readers! Now that it's in the top 5, I will keep it there. And if it stays there by the end of the month, then a HarperCollins editor will critique it.

The problem is that it won't be complete :(

I only have a quarter of the book written. I know it's impossible to write the rest by the end of July. But I'll try to write as much as possible! I hope it's half done, at least.

Because of this, I can't work on my Untitled Fairy Tale Dystopia until SoSC is done. This makes me sad since I wanted to go back and forth between the two. SoSC should be my top priority though.

Wish me luck in the writing venture!