Saturday, October 15, 2011

Cassandra Clare...with Pictures!

I love Cassandra Clare.
I love The Mortal Instruments.
I love Clary and Jace.

I remember how I got started in her books. I've never been to a book signing before, but I really wanted to go to Holly Black's book signing for Ironside back in 2007 in NYC. (I was going to NYU during the time.) I saw that she was going to be signing with Cassandra Clare and I hadn't heard of City of Bones. But I bought the book at a Barnes and Noble in NYC so I could see what it was about! Wow, was I glad!

And I've been to almost every signing of hers in NYC ever since!

Here are pictures of me with Cassandra Clare throughout the years! Oh, my, look at how I've aged! :P

(May 20, 2007)

(April 6, 2008)

(November 26, 2008)

(April 5, 2009)

(May 3, 2011)

I love how that whenever I go to her signings, Cassie recognizes me! That's awesome of her! I can't wait to go to another signing of hers!


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