Friday, October 21, 2011

Fairy Tale Friday #3: Kisses

Do fairy tale kisses really bring you back to life after you've been dead/sleeping the whole time?

In the Disney movie, the Prince's kiss brings Snow White back from a death-like sleep caused by the Evil Queen and a poisoned apple.

In the Disney movie, a kiss brings Aurora, the Sleeping Beauty, back from sleep caused by a bad fairy's curse and a spindle from a spinning wheel. It was supposed to be death but one of the good fairies was able to turn the death into sleep.

In Disney, a true love's kiss saves the day.

In the original fairy tales, a kiss does diddly-squat.

Do you know how Snow White wakes up in the real story? According to the Brothers Grimm's version, while the Prince's servants carry Snow White's coffin away, they stumble and the piece of poisoned apple in her throat is dislodged. She wakes up. No kiss here.

Do you know how Sleeping Beauty wakes up in the real story? Giambattisa Basile has a story called Sun, Moon, and Talia that predates Charles Perrault or the Grimm Brothers' versions. In Basile's version, Talia wakes up after her twin babies, Sun and Moon, begin to suck on her fingers rather than her breasts. A splinter of flax comes out. (Earlier, she pricked her finger on the spindle.) She wakes up. No kiss here either.

(Okay, you're probably wondering where these twins came from. Well, in this version, the king actually rapes Talia while she's been in this coma-like death. And somehow, she gives birth to twins. And the king already has a wife while he commits this sin. And the wife tries to get the cook to cook the twins for the King's meal. And the wife tries to burn Talia on a fire pit. No worries though. Happy ending.)

The servants and the babies save the day.

Oh, Prince Charmings, you're not having a good day.

In my WIP, my society wants to have this true love's kiss. So the girls are put to sleep for their plastic surgeries but are awaken by a Prince Charming's kiss afterwards. So what happens if the Prince Charming chosen to be your true love doesn't wake you up? Yeah, this princess stays asleep forever like Sleeping Beauty.

Oops by the society.


Jenna Cooper said...

I didn't know about Snow White...that's uber creepy that the prince would just take her away while she's sleeping. I can imagine what he wanted to do with her...ugh.

Your WIP sounds really interesting, and something I'd definitely want to pick up!

(: Isa :) said...

How dark! I didn't know about the Sleeping Beauty version :)I had read the Grimm's version of Snow White, but I have to say that the Prince's kiss sounds sweeter and more happy fairytale like lol. Oooh your story's premise sounds cool :D

Chen Yan Chang said...

Thanks for your comments! I'm really loving the idea for my WIP!

@Jenna Cooper: Ooh, now you got me thinking of necrophilia for Prince Charming and Snow White's corpse! That's definitely creepy!

sugarpeach said...

Your WIP sounds good. I don't think a Prince Charming would *not* wake you up. After all, he's in love with you. If you aren't waken up by a kiss, it would be through some other means. But at the end of the day, you'll still be woken up because your Prince Charming wouldn't want you to be unconscious/asleep forever. :) My 2 cents.

Munnaza said...

The power of true love's first kiss is actually one of my favorite features of fairy tales and Disney princess films, as sappy as it is. Actually, in the ABC show, Once Upon a Time (lol, I swear I am not paid to mention this every five seconds), it's a powerful kiss between Emma and the Sheriff that reminds him who he really is, and of the curse, and everything that has happened to lead them into living in Storybrooke. I keep thinking that if Mary and David had the opportunity to kiss each other, they'd remember that they BELONG together and remember that they're Snow White and Prince Charming and everything would be okay. Haha, yeah, fairy tales make me believe that anything like this is possible, especially if there's true love involved.

I think I need to brush up on my original fairy tale knowledge though because wow, I had no idea that they did absolutely nothing.

(Again, your WIP sounds brilliant and so intriguing. Seriously, I wish you the best in writing it!)

Kulsuma said...

Hey, your WIP sounds so interesting! I love dystopians and fairy tales, so I am sure to love your story!

The second version of Snow White you mentioned, the one where Snow White is raped while asleep/dead-like has chilled me to the bone.

I always did wonder why a kiss was so powerful:)

FairyWhispers said...

It's just so very odd that Disney twisted the Grimm brother's stories into happy happy things.

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