Friday, January 6, 2012

Fairy Tale Friday #13: Disney Princesses, Reinterpreted

Yay, my first "Fairy Tale Friday" of 2012!

Disney Princesses. They are so wholesome, innocent, and clean. They are good girls, beautiful girls, and girl-next-door type of girls. Some of them need to be rescued by their Prince Charmings like Sleeping Beauty, and some of them need to be taken away from their terrible lives like Snow White and Cinderella. Then there are some who are strong girls who know what they want like Ariel and Rapunzel.

It's fun to see different people's reinterpretations of these iconic Disney Princesses. Make them real. Make them superheroes. Or make them badasses.

"Real Princesses"

What if these Disney Princesses are real? What would they look like? Well, Jirka Vinse Jonatan Väätäinen from have done that with his photo manipulation.

Look at Jasmine from Aladdin. Doesn't she look beautiful?

Look at how sweet Snow White looks:

You can find the other Disney Princesses on

"Superhero Princesses"

What if these Disney Princesses are superheroes? What if they save themselves and the world without having their Prince Charmings do it for them? Well, LadyAdler of have created what they would look like. They look cute, some of them flashing their capes while all of them are flashing some skin.

"Badass Princesses"

What if these Disney Princesses shed their wholesome image for a more badass look? What if they are the kind of girls who Prince Charmings may hesitate before stealing a kiss from them? Well, Geek Tyrant of has done just that with these warrior princesses!

Look at Jasmine with her sword. Watch out for your head, Aladdin!

Look at Snow White! Not so sweet and wholesome anymore, is she? She's ready for a fight in a dark alley. Sorry, Prince Charming. She doesn't need your kiss to wake her up!

If you can reinterpret these Disney Princesses in any way you like, what would they be?


Arianne Cruz said...

absolutely amazing :D i saw the first picture on :)

Jo said...

Um, I want to look like real life Jasmine. She's hot. I don't think Esmerelda is actually a princess, but she's my favorite super hero one.

As for the badass it just me or do their some of their faces look a little manish? Love that they included Tiana though

FairyWhispers said...

Gosh, Snow White looks super scary


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