Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Goodbye 2012, Hello 2013

It's been awhile. Busy with being an English teacher in Seoul, Korea. Right now, I'm on my winter break, visiting home in Philadelphia/Delaware. As I look back on 2012, I realize I haven't done much reading and writing as I like. I did dabble in some writing, but not enough to accomplish anything. I tried to edit and rewrite my WIP, but NaNoWriMo was a failure! With reading, I tried to read as much as possible. I was determined to read 100 books but I only read 49 which makes me sad :(

Here are my resolutions/goals from 2012:

- Complete Beautiful/Wild and edit like crazy - FAIL
- Query for an agent - FAIL
- Work on more WIPs - SEMI-FAIL
- Earn money (easily attainable since I will be teaching in S.Korea!) - SUCCEED
- Read and keep track of books - SUCCEED
- Be fitter - SEMI-FAIL

My resolutions/goals for 2013 are similar to last year:

- Complete Beautiful/Wild and edit like crazy
- Query for an agent
- Work on more WIPs
- Read and surpass 2012's number of books (49)
- Do new things
- Don't gain too much weight in S.Korea
- Learn the bus line in Seoul


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