Saturday, June 13, 2015

Swoon Reads

A few years ago, I had an early draft of my book Summer of Firsts on the now defunct Inkpop. There, I had readers who left awesome comments, gave me feedback, and made it go into the Top 5!

Years later, I have edited it, making it 15,000 words longer and turning my Grace Washington character into a half-Korean girl (inspired by my time in South Korea).

Now I have posted Summer of Firsts on the site Swoon Reads for an opportunity to be published! Ratings and comments would be great because I always want to improve in my writing--and I would like a chance to get published!

Here is the description to my book:

Life can be boring when living in a small town or cruel when facing insensitive Asian stereotypes others have of her. To escape it, Grace Washington immerses herself in books where she can pretend life is as exciting as a Jane Austen novel but safe from an actual heartbreak.
This summer, Grace finds real love stories with an Ivy League hopeful who doesn’t let stereotypes bother him and a brooding mess who’s already been hurt by a nice girl. She can’t tell if what she’s experiencing is love, friendship, or a fling until a girl from one of her boys’ past comes back. For the first time, she suffers a heartbreak. Now she must decide if she’ll stick around in the real world where she’s headed for an anti-Austen ending or hide among her books where she’s guaranteed a happy one with Mr. Darcy.